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Sou a Bertie, uma jornalista brasileira que sempre foi apaixonada por casamentos. Espero que as ideias apresentadas aqui te ajudem a imaginar um dia lindo e único, como você!

I'm Bertie, a Brazilian Journalist who has always been utterly in love with weddings. I hope that the ideas presented here help you to create a day as beautiful and unique as yourself!

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terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008


{foto: bakerella}

I will now be sitting on my bed, flipping between BBC World and CNN International, following what’s going on with the US elections. I’ll be doing so until Anderson or Wolf tells me who won this race and what the result of Prop 8 is.

And paying homage to all those couples in the state of California that might lose their right to marry, I share with you this lovely wedding clicked by the great team of photographers at Red Loft Studios.

Will be back tomorrow, Babycakes!