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Sou a Bertie, uma jornalista brasileira que sempre foi apaixonada por casamentos. Espero que as ideias apresentadas aqui te ajudem a imaginar um dia lindo e único, como você!

I'm Bertie, a Brazilian Journalist who has always been utterly in love with weddings. I hope that the ideas presented here help you to create a day as beautiful and unique as yourself!

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quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

Why, thank you, Erin!

I received this lovely award from the brilliant Erin of Lucky Designs and Lucky Me! blog! And, look, it also comes with a meme! I believe this is the first one I have taken part in! Thank you so much, Erin!

The rules are:
* List 5 of your obsessions/addictions then tag back to the person who gave you the award;
* Post the rules;
* Tag 5 more people!

And here are my answers:
{1} Haberdasheries. Once inside one of them I can basically spend the entire day there! I collect all sorts of things you can find in a haberdashery: fabric, lace, buttons, silk ribbons, trims of all sorts, tulle, patterns, wool, embroidery floss… Oh, I love paper shops too!

{2} Cake. I have a notorious sweet tooth and cake is basically my favorite thing ever. I was lucky enough to find myself a glorious baker as a fiancé! He makes the best chocolate cake in the entire world.

{3} Queen Elizabeth I of England. I simply love her life story and the period that takes her name. To me, there has been no such other statesperson as Gloriana Regina.

{4} Period clothing. Janet Arnold books, Barbara Johnson's accounts of Regency period garments, construction, fabrics, exhibitions... I probably hold the record for most hours reading about pleats!

{5} Mentioning weddings would be far too obvious, so I'll leave you with a little something which is divine, but sounds incredibly weird: raspberry spread with whipped cream on toast! Yummy!

Tag... You are it!
{1} Izabella do Set Design Thinking;
{2} Fernanda do Vestida de Noiva;
{3} Lethicia do Bride's Diaries;
{4} Melina do Carinhas Personalizadas;
{5} Raphaella e Flavia do Alguma Bossa.